Fireplace Contractor

We are a fireplace contractor that provides exceptional gas fireplace service in the entire Denver metro area. We service all gas fireplace makes and models. Our standard fee is $195, which should get your gas fireplace looking and running great again. If parts should be needed, we will communicate the additional cost for a part replacement. All services are warrantied for 90 days. As always, we are available for questions and/or concerns.

Below is a standard checklist, outlining what your fireplace contractor will do:

  • Check for gas leaks
  • Vacuum the inside of your fireplace
  • Attempt to clean the creosote off the inside of your glass fireplace window with the proper solution
  • Clean the outside glass
  • Inspect and test all critical parts and sensors
  • Replace the fireplace embers
  • Inspect and adjust the pilot light
  • Clean the main gas burner
  • Clean out the pilot assembly
  • Adjust gas valve
  • Carefully clean and re-test safety sensors
  • Attempt to refurbish existing parts
  • Identify bad part (if any)

Need your fireplace serviced? Why not contact a professional fireplace contractor, the Gas Fireplace Doctors, using the  phone number or the  Service Request Link at the top of this page? We will provide quality work and try our best to make our customers happy with their investment.

Winter is a whole lot cozier with your fireplace working.