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We Repair All Makes & Models

We typically repair all gas fireplaces in one hour or less!


Cleaning & Maintenance

Let us clean and service your gas fireplace to ensure your safety.


Fireplace Blowers and Timers

Ask us about a new fireplace blower specifically designed for your fireplace.


Gas Leak Detection

We will quickly detect and repair any gas leaks no matter how small. Call today!


About Us

We are passionate about helping people service and repair their gas fireplaces without spending a lot of money. We consider it a great win for the customer if a job can be completed without parts. In summary, we will always operate with integrity and provide the type of service we would want someone to provide us.


Gas Fireplace Doctors serves the entire Denver Metro Area at the same low cost. We will travel as far Boulder and as far South as Castle Rock. Our normal operating hours are between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. We will schedule and arrive within a two-hour window. Generally, we’ll arrive at the beginning of the time window.


Upon arrival, we will go through a checklist that includes cleaning, adjusting, and testing. If all goes well, we’ll be finished within 45 minutes to an hour. We carry a large inventory of fireplace parts in the event something needs to be replaced. Typically we are able to repair a broken fireplace for just $185. Any charges above that minimum will not be incurred without your prior approval.


Please give us a call and experience a company that provides an excellent service at a reasonable price.

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Fireplace Efficiency

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Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)

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Incomplete Combustion

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