Our Team

Leroy Landers
Fireplace Technician
Leroy comes with extensive experience in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and troubleshooting. With his photographic memory, things come easy for Leroy. When not working, Leroy enjoys camping with his wife and three children throughout Colorado.
Dan Duchesne
Lead Technician
Dan has been an HVAC technician for about twenty years. Since joining Gas Fireplace Doctors he has repaired over 1,000 fireplaces, ran gas lines, replaced gas valves, and much more. When not working he enjoys time with his family. He also enjoys studying and sharing his knowledge.
Thanh Huynh
Fireplace Technician
Thanh has a contagiously positive attitude. He loves to meet new customers and fix hard to fix gas fireplace problems and always works hard to do the best job possible. Short-cuts are not in his DNA. Thahn is very close to his family and assists his parents in many ways.
Matthew Coconis
Fireplace Technician
Matthew, has a strong work ethic. We value his desire to continually increase his knowledge base and expertise. A Parker resident, he loves to play and teach people to play the drums in his spare time. Matthew also has a passion for helping people that are less fortunate and spends a lot of his time volunteering his services.
Steve Cochran
Fireplace Technician
Steve loves meeting new people and solving problems. When not working Steve loves spending time with his two daughters. He enjoys music, outdoors, and learning new things.
Nick Clark
Fireplace Technician
Nick is married with two girls. When Nick is not working, he loves to spend time with his wife and family.
Hannah Henry
Office Manager
Hannah comes to us with a degree in Communications and Journalism and experience in marketing, public relations and writing. After 15 years of raising kids, she is happy to be back in the workforce. When not working, she spends time with family, the dog, school and church-related activities, and music.
Dave Hayes
Dave comes to us with a strong background in furnace, fireplace, and AC repairs. His positive attitude and "can do" approach is contagious and wonderful. Dave is a joy to work with and his many years of experience makes a great guy to know.
Marianne Myhre
General Assistant
Marianne loves people as well as technology and helps in both areas. When not working, Marianne enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends. Fluent in Spanish and several other languages, Marianne is quite talented.

About Us:

Gas Fireplace Doctors repairs over 1,000 gas fireplaces each year. Among other things, our process includes refurbishing existing parts, cleaning the glass, replacing the embers, adjusting the gas valve for an optimal burn, adjusting the pilot assembly and pushing high pressured carbon dioxide through the system to clean it out. Approximately 80% of the time our methodical approach will get your gas fireplace running and looking great again. If a part cannot be refurbished, we will get you a price on the part replacement and install upon approval. Please note that all part prices are listed on our website.

We specialize in finding and repairing difficult to solve fireplace problems. Safety is our number one concern. As such, we will always check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks before and after our service. It is our goal to leave you completely satisfied with all aspects of our service.

We are based in Parker Colorado; however, we service the entire Denver metro area including Boulder at the same low price. Gas Fireplace Doctors is a division of Sage Solutions Inc. Our employees are paid hourly and receive no commission or incentive to sell parts.

Thanks for giving us the chance to serve you. We believe that the greatest compliment we can receive is a referral to another person. We welcome your feedback and look forward to serving you again.

Company Values:

(1) Operate with Honesty and Integrity

(2) Value Employees and Customers

(3) Treat All Customers with Respect

We strive to be reachable. We generally have 2-3 people answering the phones. If busy, we should be able to call you back fairly quickly. To contact us, please call 303-963-9899. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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