Denver Gas Fireplace Service

The Gas Fireplace Institute recommends that gas fireplaces be serviced annually. We offer gas fireplace service in the entire Denver metro area. Our service charge of $195 will, in 80 to 90% of cases, take care of any problem you may be having with your fireplace. If you need a new part, our technician will often be able to estimate the replacement cost on the spot; then, you can decide if you want to proceed with the repair.

Whether you need repairs or just the annual gas fireplace service, the Gas Fireplace Doctors are here for you.

Below is a standard checklist outlining what Denver gas fireplace service technicians will do:

  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Inspect and test all critical parts and sensors
  • Inspect and adjust the pilot light
  • Attempt to refurbish existing parts
  • Adjust gas valve
  • Clean the main gas burner
  • Clean out the pilot assembly
  • Carefully clean and re-test safety sensors
  • Identify any part that may need to be replaced
  • Attempt to clean the creosote off the inside of your glass fireplace window with the proper solution
  • Vacuum the inside of your fireplace
  • Replace the fireplace embers

For Denver gas fireplace Service, please get in touch with us using the phone number or the Service Request Link at the top of this page.

Winter is a whole lot cozier with your fireplace working.