Heatilator Fireplace Repair

As an exceptional gas fireplace repair company we know how to get the job completed well and in a timely manner. Gas Fireplace Doctors carry a large assortment of fireplace parts if any are needed. All callers will be given a two-hour appointment window for their fireplace repair and cleaning. The appointment generally takes 45 minutes to one hour assuming no new parts are needed. Generally, we can get the fireplace working again by refurbishing existing parts. We will begin by testing the various fireplace components until we isolate the problem. Once resolved we’ll work hard to clean the fireplace.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Fireplace cleaning begins with the inside and outside of the glass. The inside is especially difficult to clean with common glass cleaner. As a result, we have a special fireplace glass cleaner that has a grit in the formula to help remove stubborn spots and stains. We then vacuum out the inside of the fireplace as well as underneath. If the inside of the fireplace is discolored we’ll touch it up with high-temp paint. If the embers are old we’ll vacuum them out and install new embers that will glow like real embers. Your fireplace will look exceptional and operate safer. Safety is something we take very serious.

A Systematic Repair Plan

Our Heatilator Fireplace Repair Plan includes the following:

  • Cleaning and adjusting the pilot assembly (thermocouple, thermopile, and pilot hood)
  • Testing and adjusting safety sensors, switches, and ignition system
  • Adjusting the pilot light and cleaning the pilot tube for optimal performance
  • Adjusting and testing the main gas valve & control module
  • Checking for gas leaks with a highly sensitive gas leak detector
  • Cleaning and adjusting the main burner and logs

Once the fireplace is operational again we will put it through a stress test by cycling the main burner several times and checking the voltage reading. Assuming everything looks and runs great we’ll wrap up our service call. If there are any problems within the next ninety days you can call us back and we’ll return for free!

For Heatilator fireplace repair, please contact us using the phone number or the Service Request link at the top of this page.