1. We charge $195 to clean, adjust and refurbish the mechanical parts of your fireplace. Typically, this will repair a fireplace. If not, we’ll identify the part that needs to be replaced and quote the part and replacement cost. See our part pricing by clicking here.
  2. We charge $175 for each additional fireplace. So, there is a discount for multiple fireplaces in the same home, on the same visit.
  3. We clean and repair outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, too. It is $195.

Appointments: We schedule our gas fireplace technicians to arrive in a 2 hour window. The appointment can be cancelled at any time up to the time of the appointment window without penalty.

Warranty: Our workmanship is warrantied for 90 days. All parts installed by our company are warrantied for one year from the date of the invoice.

Recommendation: The National Fireplace Institute recommends that all gas fireplaces be serviced on an annual basis.

Our People: All of our fireplace technicians are full-time employees covered by our worker’s compensation and general liability policy. Our employees are given a bonus for each 5-star review left by a customer on Google. We do this to help ensure that every customer will be left completely satisfied. You can learn more about our people by clicking this link or our team link above.

Normal Service Area: Anywhere throughout the Denver metro area. We travel as far North as Boulder and as far South as Castle Rock or Franktown. It is always just $195. We have 14 technicians moving throughout the Denver area Monday through Friday and Sunday. We will strive to group appointments together that are in similar areas to maximize the efficiency of our technicians. Our office is located in Parker, Colorado. There is no trip fee. Each technician drives a wrapped Toyota Prius.

Outside Denver Metro Area: We charge $195 for the basic service and $90/hr for two-way travel as determined by Google Maps. We offer a 90 day warranty on our service. We would need to charge for 2-way travel again if required to return even if still in the warranty period.

Courtesy: Working on a fireplace can be a dirty business. As a result, we take the proper precautions to protect your home and the surrounding area. More specifically, our technician will wear booties and spread out a drop cloth in front of the fireplace to protect the flooring.

MethodologyWe isolate a particular symptom, identify a diagnostic procedure, and based on the results, we work to complete the appropriate corrective action.

Glass Disclaimer: Please note that pressure is applied when we clean the fireplace glass. The glass could have a preexisting stress point or be simply weakened due to age or use. The pressure applied could be just enough to cause the glass to break after we leave and heat is applied. If the glass breaks, we will agree to provide a replacement glass at our cost with a free installation. Kindly ask our technician not to clean the glass if breakage is a risk you want to avoid. It seems that Marco fireplace glass is at high risk for this problem.

Venting: We inspect and repair all components of a fireplace within the cabinet that contains the logs and below the cabinet. In rare circumstances, the problem is due to a clogged or inadequate fresh air or exhaust vent. These are the vents that go from the fireplace to the outside. We will identify if this is the problem and then it is the responsibility of the owner to find and remove the item causing the problem (i.e. bird’s nest, wasp nest, etc.)

Discounts: We offer a 5% senior or military discount off of our basic service.

Gas Leak Detection: Our focus for gas leak detection is within the gas fireplace cabinet. Items we check for leaks include the gas control valve, pilot assembly, and main burner. The gas control valve contains the solenoids that control gas to the main burner and pilot assembly. We do not check for gas leaks beyond the gas fireplace. Gas lines typically run through a gas meter on the side of your home and then your furnace, hot water heater, and each gas fireplace. We will use precision instruments to detect natural gas or propane leaks. Please note that natural gas has a sulfur smell (rotten egg) added for easy detection. If you detect this smell after or before our service, you should immediately contact your local gas company so that they can shut down the unit until it can be repaired. The local gas company is available 24×7 and will ask you questions to determine what you should do to immediately protect yourself and others.

Our Company: Please note that Gas Fireplace Doctors is a division of Sage Solutions Inc. Sage Solutions is doing business as Gas Fireplace Doctors. Sage Solutions was founded in 2016. Checks can be made out to Sage Solutions or Gas Fireplace Doctors. Credit card charges will show up on your statement as Sage Solutions. Our technicians have been trained to repair gas fireplaces and we carry most all specialty parts required for gas fireplaces. Please note that our technicians are not licensed HVAC technicians and we do not work on home furnaces or air conditioning systems. In contrast, in our opinion, HVAC technicians generally do not carry all the parts found in a fireplace and they do not understand the nuances of a gas fireplace. In general, HVAC technicians are focused on installation and repair of home furnaces and air conditioning units.