1. We charge $165 to clean, adjust and refurbish the mechanical parts of your fireplace. Typically, this will repair a fireplace. If not, we’ll identify the part that needs to be replaced and quote the part and replacement cost.
  2. We charge $120 for each additional fireplace. So, there is a discount for multiple fireplaces in the same home, on the same visit.
  3. We clean and repair outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, too. It is $165.


Warranty: We will come back for free if the fireplace stops working within 30 days. At that point, we’ll need to replace a part and we will have identified what part needs to be replaced. We attempt to repair fireplaces without new parts; however, sometimes it is unavoidable.


Service Area: Anywhere throughout the Denver metro area. We travel as far North as Boulder and as far South as Castle Rock. It is always just $165. We have three full-time technicians moving throughout the Denver metro area each day. We will strive to group appointments together that are in similar areas to maximize the efficiency of our technicians. Our office is located in Parker, Colorado.


Courtesy: Working on a fireplace can be a dirty business. As a result, we take the proper precautions to protect your home and the surrounding area. More specifically, our technician will wear booties and spread out a drop cloth in front of the fireplace to protect the flooring.


MethodologyWe isolate a particular symptom, identify a diagnostic procedure, and based on the results, complete the appropriate corrective action.


Glass Disclaimer: Please note that pressure is applied when we clean the fireplace glass. The glass could have a preexisting stress point or be simply weakened due to age or use. The pressure applied could be just enough to cause the glass to break during the cleaning process or after we leave and heat is applied. This happens about one time out of about every 500 fireplaces. If you do not want to take this risk, kindly ask our technician to skip this step. In the event this happens, we will replace the glass at our cost plus $200 for our time to order, pick it up, prep, and install. Glass typically costs between $300 to $500. It is possible that a replacement glass cannot be purchased if the fireplace is really old or discontinued. This is a rare situation. That said, it’s worth noting since a replacement fireplace can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.


Parts: We sell and install fireplace blowers, fireplace glass and fireplace logs. To do this, you must provide us the make, model, and serial number of your fireplace so we can quote these items without a site visit.