Gas Fireplace Price List

Service & Part Replacement DescriptionPrice
Each customer chooses Basic Service A or Basic Service B. Most customer will choose Basic Service A.
Basic Service A - Includes cleaning and diagnostics. We clean and adjust mechanical parts, which in many cases will repair the fireplace. If parts are needed, they are charged separately (See below). The part prices listed below include installation. Additional fireplaces at the same location are just $120 each. 165
Basic Service B - This is a trip fee to replace a part that is identified by the customer as defective. The customer pays this fee and the applicable part cost below. 90
Part Replacement Prices:
Other Specialty Fireplace Parts150
Electronic Gas Valve 435
Log Set Gas Valve365
Remote Control (on/off)335
Smart Fireplace Upgrade - "Hey Google" or "Hey Alexa", turn on my fireplace!335
Pilot Assembly 289
Control Module335
Programmable hand held remote565
Log Set Pilot Assembly - 18"25
Log Set Pilot Assembly - 36"31
Glass ReplacementVaries - Typically 400
EmbersIncluded in Basic Service A
Log set conversion to remote on/off control (includes heat shield, pilot assembly, transmitter, and receiver. 750
Blower (excludes 110v outlet) - We spec the blower recommended for your fireplace by the manufacturer. Varies - Typically 400
Clean and Check AC Unit145
Gas & carbon monoxide leak detectionIncluded in Basic Service A
Standing pilot to intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) conversion (electronic gas valve, pilot assembly, control module, transformer, and wire harness)995
Note: Part pricing is subject to state and local sales tax (as applicable).