We charge $195 for the first fireplace and $175 for each additional fireplace in the same house, on the same visit. We make every effort to service our customers in an expedient manner. Our goal is to set a two hour arrival window. The actual service will take 45 minutes to one hour once we arrive. Our goal is for complete satisfaction with all aspects of our fireplace repair service. Please immediately call the office if you are unhappy for any reason. Here is a list of things we can do for you:

  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks*
  • Check for gas leaks*
  • Push high-pressured carbon dioxide through the system*
  • Inspect and test all critical parts and sensors*
  • Inspect and adjust the pilot light*
  • Attempt to refurbish existing parts*
  • Adjust gas valve*
  • Clean the main gas burner*
  • Clean out the pilot assembly*
  • Carefully clean and re-test safety sensors*
  • Identify any part that may need to be replaced*
  • Attempt to clean the creosote off the inside of your glass fireplace window with the proper solution* (**)
  • Vacuum the inside of your fireplace*
  • Replace the fireplace embers*
  • Run new gas line
  • Install or replace gas shut-off valves
  • Touch-up inside fireplace paint
  • Install a blower to better circulate heat (need model & serial number)
  • Install a timer switch to automatically turn off your fireplace after a set period of time

* Included in the $195 service. Generally, the $195 service will get your fireplace looking and running great.
(**) Please note that pressure is applied when we clean the fireplace glass. The glass could have a preexisting stress point or be simply weakened due to age or use. The pressure applied could be just enough to cause the glass to break during the cleaning process or after we leave and heat is applied.

Every service call comes with a 90 day labor warranty covering our workmanship. All parts are warrantied for 1 year. It is expected that they will last a lot longer.